How Python Training Makes You Industry Ready

Python has been ranking high on almost all the programming language popularity indexes since 2016. The most recent development is its displacing C++ to get the third spot in the Tiobe popularity index. In the Silicon Valley Python is the second most popular language just after Java; in India it is currently a hot favourite among the startups. It is on its way to become the most used programming language for general purpose and for data analysis.

It is quite obvious that having Python training gives you a formidable edge – it is seen often times in India that a fresh candidate lands a job immediately after learning Python. This has been happening since 2016 and now it is on the rise.

Multipurpose language that every employer wants

Python is highly focused on Rapid Application Development. It is fast, robust and self sufficient. Add to that its ability to work as a glue language in a different environment that is holding together different components of a web page which have been composed in a different language. Be it web development, Mobile app or data science, Python is the go to language for an increasing number of programmers.

You miss out on a great deal of good opportunities if you skip Python training – it does not just prepare you for one job but it gives you flexibility through multiple fields.

Artificial Intelligence – The talk of the day

All conversations seem to start and end at AI now a days. And nothing suits it more than Python. If you are going to be in the top tier of the employers’ list for a long time, you have to be in AI. There are a number of reasons why Python can make things easy for AI programmers.

  • AI requires a stupendous amount of algorithms, that means a lot of code and a huge amount of testing. Python needs 80% less amount of code than most other OOPs languages to run the same logic. You can see the advantage of using Python straight away.
  • Inbuilt libraries like Numpy, Pybrain, and Scipy save a lot of the programmers’ time. AIMA is claimed to be the best library dedicated to AI so far. The presence of these Python libraries make life easier for the coder – saves his or her time and effort.
  • The open source language has a splendid community which is hyperactive to say the least. It is likely that any problem you come across has already been faced by someone else and the solution is waiting for you in some forum. Life just becomes easier.
  • You have the choice between Oops and scripting approach. This added flexibility makes it work perfectly for backend as well as for managing data structures. It is a one stop solution indeed.

Python focuses on ease of readability

You just get it once you start using Python. The code is made to be readable. It is not one of those languages where the basic syntax takes a lot of time to be grasped. If you have a working knowledge of the English language, you can get hold of the Python syntax quite easily.

This matters because of the fact that with increased dependability on software, a language that is easy to learn has become very important.

Python training institutes prepare you for various purposes. The institutes that work with Python for Data Science are the ones you want to visit. You learn the language and create a great prospect for yourself in the field of data science.

A large array of futuristic technologies is totally counting on Python

You name it and it is likely that Python has a big part to play in it. We have already talked about AI. Different aspects of it like NLP, Image processing, Deep learning and Machine Learning, all have substantial scope for Python programming.

You just do not learn a language but also solidify the prospect of a great career even in the time where every piece of tech is living a short life. You blink and the technology you are working with goes obsolete, down market. In this time of incessant flux Python can become your anchor.

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