Which is Machine Learning and How is it Shaping our Future?

What is Machine Learning?

  Doesn’t the overwhelming response as well as the inclusion of voice assistants, algorithm-based apps and websites that are taking automation to the next level amaze you?   While these applications often steal the thunder, it is machine learning that has become a go-to technology for firms willing to enhance consumer experience and bring in […]

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What Is Business Analytics?

What is Business Analytics

  Business analytics simply refers to the use of tools and techniques to turn data into meaningful business insights. Earlier it involved the collection and exploration of organizational and transactional data with the help of statistical models; presently it also takes into account the unstructured data sources like social media and different social forums.  With […]

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How Python Training Makes You Industry Ready

Python has been ranking high on almost all the programming language popularity indexes since 2016. The most recent development is its displacing C++ to get the third spot in the Tiobe popularity index. In the Silicon Valley Python is the second most popular language just after Java; in India it is currently a hot favourite […]

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Is Machine Learning as Disruptive as We Think?

A significant turning point in the evolution of man was the industrial revolution, which vastly improved the working conditions of man, replacing manual labour with machines and since then on machine and man have marched ahead hand in hand through centuries. This partnership has reached an unfathomable level with the development of artificial intelligence and […]

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What is Expected from a Business Analyst

Sumant Moolgaokar was the chief executive of Tata Motors, a leading multi-industrial brand based in India. There is a story that Mr. Moolgaokar used to sit in a roadside food joint during lunch break and had lunch with the truck drivers. He used to chat with them inquiring about their experience and grievances regarding the […]

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R Training for The Novice Programmer and Everyone Else

Whether you’re a new player in the big data world or an experienced person looking to brush up on topics, you’re likely to come across this fascinating language that has simplified the tutoring process for data science and machine learning enthusiasts. Built on the Java, JavaScript and C++ Framework, R training is well suited for […]

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