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We write on data science, AI, ML, deep learning, robotics, and AI Gaming. We are a data science institute, meaning our target audience is students and learning professionals. We have guidelines for our guest writers and editors to ensure that our content continues to enable our readers. 

Since you are interested in becoming a guest contributor, here are a few things you must adhere to for a smooth collaboration.

  • All articles should be a minimum of 1500 words. Maximum length: 5000 words
  • We encourage do-follow links, but they should be contextual.
  • We love use cases. Ensure your article is backed with relevant use cases, videos, and examples. 
  • We design graphics internally for our blogs. However, we’d encourage you to add sample images and sources so we can recreate them. If you are creating any image for context purposes, we will publish it but with our copyright. 
  • We understand the link-building process and know you may want to add partner links. Ensure they are contextual. 
  • Please make sure to add 2-3 links to our existing blogs as deemed fit. 


  • Please submit only via Google Docs. Otherwise, your article may not be read.
  • Please add a primary keyword and search volume
  • Add a meta description
  • Include 2-3 title suggestions for our team to review
  • Add your Full name, bio, and LinkedIn profile to earn author credits

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Send in your ideas [2-3 topics, preferably] to pritha[at]analytixlabs[dot]co[dot]in

 Note: If you don’t hear from us within 14 days, you can re-send another set of topics.