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Data Science Skills Survey Report 2024 – A Comprehensive Market Study of Most In-Demand Skills

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Our Data Science Skills Survey Report 2024 is a comprehensive market study of the most in-demand skills that hiring managers and industry experts are looking for in aspiring data scientists. Download the report for FREE today to streamline and expedite your learning.

About Survey and Report Methodology

The Data Science Skills Survey Report, powered by AnalytixLabs, contains responses from over a hundred hiring managers and data industry leaders.

We contacted Fortune 500 companies’ in-house hiring managers and stakeholders to gather data on the core skills they look for in potential candidates, including full-time, part-time, and contractual roles. 

The methodology included collecting responses from our respondents through a collaborative questionnaire and deducing their core insights. 

Our respondents include hiring managers, business managers, data science leaders, senior analytics consultants, and product analytics directors with over 5-10 years of experience in their respective fields.

data science skills survey

Data Science Skills Survey Report 2024

 > What’s in the report?  

This data science skills survey report covers market evaluation, opinions from industry leaders and hiring managers, essential tools that are best fit for any data science job roles, and top skills that hiring managers are looking for. Here’s an overview of what is covered in the report:

  1. Market evaluation | What hiring leaders in India are saying about the domain
  2. Essential skills to learn in 2024 and top job roles that are most in-demand
  3. Top tools to learn in 2024 and beyond
  4. Top sectors hiring data scientists in India
  5. Looking at the future trends, tools, and technologies
  6. Career path to becoming a data scientist – salary structure, salary by experience and city, and self-learning guides

In this blog, we will highlight the core findings of our survey. For more detailed analysis and insights, download our free data science skills survey report

Let’s get started.

#01. What Recruiters Are Saying in India about Data Scientists?

The data sector in India is experiencing phenomenal growth owing to the confluence of several factors – 

  1. Data explosion: With countless digital adoptions to government initiatives, India is generating massive amounts of data, so much so that companies view data as a goldmine that requires experts to unlock its real value. 
  2. Government initiatives: The Indian government has repeatedly recognized data’s power and implemented initiatives like Digital India and Smart Cities, fueling the demand for data scientists. 
  3. Growing economy: India’s expanding economy has allowed companies across all sectors to seek data-driven strategies to optimize operations, deliver personalized products/services, and gain a competitive edge.
  4. Educational progress: Keeping up with the seismic shift in the demand for data scientists, India’s data education landscape is rapidly ramping up data science programs to create a pool of future talents equipped with the latest skills.

data science market india

Does this mean hiring is slowing down? No. On the contrary, almost 50% of hiring managers said they hire occasionally (with few openings periodically), and around 39% hire regularly (with more than 10 openings at any given point).

#02. Is Domain Knowledge Important?

The job market is booming with opportunities, and hiring managers are looking for qualified candidates 24/7. If you are not learning the core skills, you are missing out on being noticed in this highly competitive market. 

 We asked our industry leaders and hiring managers how important domain-specific knowledge is when hiring data scientists. 

data science domain knowledge

#03. Essential Skills and Tools to Master in 2024

Unleash the power of information. Data is everywhere, but its true value lies in extracting meaningful insights. Master core data science skills to transform raw data into actionable knowledge. 

  • Draw insights from data analysis
  • Use data visualization tools to convey findings
  • Blend data from multiple sources 
  • Marry data insights with domain understanding

Self-help guide: Top 23 Technical and Non-Technical Skills to Learn in 2024

Top Data Science Job Roles in Demand

Among all the data science-related job roles, 76.3% of respondents are looking for data engineering, the most recruited role in their organization. Data scientist roles follow this at 73.7%, and machine learning engineers at 57.9%. Other prominent roles in demand are Data Analyst/Business Analyst at 55.3% and Business Intelligence Analyst at 28.9%.

data science job roles

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Top Skills Hiring Managers are Looking For in Data Scientists

When recruiting data scientists for any level, hiring managers and industry leaders consider Python/R Analytics skills essential, followed by database management skills. 

This is because fundamental programming knowledge gives flexibility and control over data processing. Since data science uses languages like Python and R to handle large datasets and create machine-learning models, this skill is among the most sought-after skills. 

Secondly, database management skills include core skills like understanding database design concepts and looking for patterns in large data sets. These skills give ample control over how to manage data and use information.

data science skills

Core skills for freshers

Data Science job roles require continuous learning and upskilling. And it is not just something we write for the sake of it. 

Hiring managers and industry leaders expect data professionals to spend considerable time upskilling, staying relevant, and preparing for the ongoing trends and impending future. 

 Infact, most hiring managers believe that data professionals should spend around 50-100 or even more hours annually in upskilling (57.9%). 

data science skills for freshers

Top Data Science Tools to Master in 2024

Our survey shows that PowerBI, Tableau, and Python are the most preferred learning tools. Python and SQL are the most popular programming languages, and hiring managers and stakeholders say domain knowledge is important when hiring data scientists.

data science tools

#04. Top Sectors Hiring Data Scientists

Data scientists are at the core of almost every industry. However, a few industries top the list when hiring data scientists of all levels. 

Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance top the list (63.2%), followed by Healthcare (42.1%) and eCommerce (39.5%). Due to their popularity and job scopes, professionals from these industries have a better chance of getting hired. 

Industries like banking, healthcare, and eCommerce have huge potential for data scientists compared to other industries like CPG or manufacturing. The learning curve for data scientists is high in these industries, which is also why hiring managers and stakeholders are keen on hiring professionals with experience.

data science hiring sectors

#05. Looking Ahead for The Data Science Landscape

The data domain is continuously growing. If there is anything constant, it is change. What works today may become outdated in a month. Staying relevant for a data professional can become challenging if you are not learning fast and smart. 

To help you, our experts shared their ideas on the technologies and trends that may soon rule the data market. To put their predictions into perspective, you must investigate a few trends and tools before time runs out.

Future trends that will impact the data science skillset: 

  1. Generative AI and Prompt Engineering
  2. Blockchain
  3. AutoML platforms
  4. Quantum Computing
  5. Natural Language Processing

The Data Science Skills Survey Report 2024 also covers the top tools and technologies to learn that will impact the future of data scientists, a roadmap to starting a career in data science, and core learning materials for self-learning.

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Download the report to access the core soft skills to master, salary insights for various data science roles, and free learning materials to self-start your learning process. If you need expert guidance to streamline your learning, connect with us over email, chat, or phone. Our learning advisors will help you kickstart your learning. Visit to connect with us directly.

Closing Words

The Data Science Skills Survey 2024 report offers a dynamic picture of the constantly evolving Data Science field. While technical skills remain important, hiring managers and stakeholders consistently urge professionals to hone soft skills like communication and collaboration. Trends and numbers are changing very fast, so adaptability is now a crucial skill that every data professional must have. 

As data continues to fuel innovation, invest in data science skills to bridge your skill gap and stay ahead of the competition. 



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