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Applied AI and Machine Learning course - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Specialization

Applied AI course to power your own Artificial Intelligence applications using Machine Learning & Deep Learning!

Opt for this Applied AI course if you want skills to build your own Machine Learning & Neural Network powered applied AI applications! This is the one of the best AI and Machine Learning courses for you! One of the few Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning courses that is also apt for beginners who are looking to head-start their journey in Data Science.

Over last couple of years, the demand for Python professionals with AI and Machine Learning skills is highest among Analytics recruiters. This specialization course will help you to get a break into Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning domain, with skills based of the most sought after tools and libraries, like Python, Numpy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, NLTK, TextBlob, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras etc. You will learn AI and Machine Learning starting from data handling, visualisation, statistical modelling, machine learning and move towards advance use of deep learning for AI based applications like image processing, text data processing, chat-bots, time series, recommendation systems, machine translation, IOT etc.

After successful completion of this course you will master not only the theory, but also learn how it is applied in the industry. Considering the practical application based curriculum, this is the best among various Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence courses in Bangalore and Delhi NCR for aspirants who are looking for an industry relevant AI ML certification from an established & eminent Institute.

Applied AI and Machine Learning course duration: 280 hours (At least 115 hours Live Classes + Average 8-10 hours of self-study per week)

Who Should do this course?

Candidates from various quantitative backgrounds, like Engineering, Finance, Maths, Statistics, Business Management who are not just looking for any Python course, but want Python training with advanced analytics, AI and machine learning skills to head start their career in the field of Data science and excel in advanced applications of Machine Learning and Deep Learning.


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Course Duration 280
Classes 38
Tools Python - Pandas, NumPy, SciKit Learn, NLTK, TextBlob, PyTorch, TensorFlow & Keras
Learning Mode Live/Video Based

Excellent Faculty, Industry Relevant Curriculum and highly motivating team. Their courses are challenging and need time to be given because it aims at making you really earn a skillset.

Priyanka Sachdeva
(Asst. Manager, EXL)

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