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Skills For a Great Career- AI And ML

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)  and its advanced cousin Machine Learning (ML) are skills that one should definitely earn if one is aiming for a career which not only offers high salary packages but also great job security. At a time when disruptive technologies are having an impact on industries and economies all over the world, demand for AI and ML experts are bound to increase. Moreover, when un-tapping the potential of data is highly important for organizations, data analysts must equip themselves with sophisticated techs of AI and ML.

How AI is vital for organizations?

Digital transformation has already swept through the globe and global industries are undergoing a sea of changes. There is an urgent need for automation and digitization as the fourth industrial revolution is already here. In such a scenario no business organization can afford to remain unchanged and should not only try to keep up with quickly advancing technology but also try to stay ahead of it in order to remain competitive!

AI is one disruptive technology that has received much assistance lately due to an increased emphasis on automation. Businesses need automation for greater efficiency and for streamlining business operations so that precious time is saved and along with it precious resources. Moreover, if AI is implemented across all business operations then the workforce can focus on more creative tasks and rely on AI for all the mundane and time consuming tasks. On the top of that AI has several other advantages for any business organization:

  • Greater customer intimacy thereby increasing consumer demand
  • Automating processes which in turn can help in multiplying productivity gains!
  • A massive increase in competitive advantage
  • Improved data analytics

Thus, any organization small or big must adopt AI today.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the ability of machines to learn and perform through data without the need for explicitly programming. Machine Learning algorithms help computer systems to learn from data and improve on its own thereby reaching great potential. ML is being applied to a variety of fields today and has amazing advantages. A few examples of ML use are:

  • Speech and text recognition
  • Medical diagnosis
  • Virtual assistants
  • Chatbots
  • Fraud detection systems
  • Recommendation engines

Moreover, ML is not only being utilized by private enterprises but also by governmental agencies and academic institutions. For instance, the government of India is using ML for creating a system capable of flagging tax-evaders which is named Project Insight. Moreover, medical research facilities are utilizing ML for diagnosis of rare diseases like cancer and have been largely successful so far. Experts also suggest that ML is going to replace humans in multiple fields in the near future due to ML’s better accuracy in a range of activities.

AI and ML are significant in the field of data analytics!

Both AI and ML are extremely important for data analysts as now they have to deal with enormous data sets. Quintillion bytes of data is being generated every day and acquired by enterprises to dig crucial information out of such data sets. However, for a data analyst it can be a humongous task to analyze such massive data sets which are most often unstructured. Thus, AI and ML are used by a skilled data analyst to automate the process or devise systems capable of automatic data analytics.

This is exactly why most data analytics jobs today mention AI or ML as required skills. But should you consider going for Machine learning and artificial intelligence courses in India?

Perks of acquiring AI and ML skills

  • Future-proof jobs

One of the greatest benefits of acquiring AI and ML skills is that it will enable you to get a job which is absolutely future-proof and you will be needed to switch your career any soon. It is now feared that AI and ML will take away many jobs but we must also keep in mind that AI and ML will create many more jobs but for such jobs AI and ML skills are essential

  • Highly paid job roles
    Acquiring AI and ML skills will help you to land on jobs which are highly paid. For instance an ML expert in India can earn around Rs 871K per annum (according to glassdoor) A data scientist or a data analyst with AI or ML skills can earn even higher that that!

Hence, you must definitely consider going for Machine Learning and artificial intelligence courses in India.

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