5 Reasons Why Python is the Most Practical Choice of Language

Every rising trend has a fall impending; that is what they say. Python has just shot up to the top of the list of most wanted languages composed by Stack Overflow. And quite habitually there are speculations about how Python might just be in its last breaths. If you are already a Python user and are aware of its worldwide popularity then you can quite easily dispose these speculations off into the Indian Ocean or whichever ocean is closer to you. But for you who are still in a fix about what language to learn or whether it is a good idea to get into Python Data science, some help is in offer right here.

Python offers more flexibility than anyone ever could –
Where most languages lose it is their dependency on a single framework. Like Ruby solely depends on Rails and you can only do a few certain things with the language. There is less opportunity for the programmer to shift niches. Python offers you great flexibility in this aspect. There are a number of popular frameworks which are being used, Django for example. The best part is you can change the framework; work with what befits your niche. If you are developing a website, Python gets your backend done just as you wish and when it comes to the front end you can still use Python. It is a one stop destination for all that you might need to get a website up and running. Now, there might be an opinion that JavaScript or C is as efficient or offer faster processing speed – why should you choose Python over them? Answering this leads us to the next point.

Easy and User-friendly
There can be no doubt about the fact that JavaScript is a great language and thousands of satisfied programmers are using JavaScript for all sorts of purposes. Now, the thing that might prompt you to choose Python is the fact that you can learn it faster and get more creative more easily. The syntax of Python was designed for kids. Now, it has been developed into a full-fledged, superbly competent programming language. The initial learning curve is easy to scale. There are several code libraries which can provide you with almost all imaginable resources and more is being added with time. There is little effort that you must spend on understanding the syntax and to get the code running. You can invest a lot more of your faculties on conceptualizing the program.

Data Science and Machine Learning
Machine Learning is the new driving force in the technological milieu. We have only started to figure out what can be achieved with ML and it is already taking the market by storm. Python is a tailor-made tool for writing machine learning algorithms. And Machine Learning aside the other segments of data science programming can also be done well with Python. The popularity of Python among the data science and data analytics professionals has taken off like never before. Lisp another language which is often recommended for data science has been there for 40 years but it never really took off. Although there are tons of well organised learning material for Python when it comes to web development, you will find it incessantly difficult to be on your own in the case if Python data science. It is always suggestible that you undergo a course and get ready for the market full of opportunities.

Open Source and regularly improved
The community of Python developers who contribute regularly to the development of the libraries is large and dedicated. You will hardly ever see so much passion for a programming language among the coders. Whenever you are stuck, there would be someone who can help you out. This vibrant community of people is what keeps Python as flexible and user friendly as it is. Git Hub has made it easy to add new patches. So, it just keeps growing.
Being open-source makes it far less expensive than something like SAS. This also serves to make it so famous among startups. One does not need to spend money with every new development or update. This leads us to the final point.

Increased demand
This is probably obvious that if a language is so popular among coders the employers too will feel confident about using it. The number of popular web sites which are made off of Python will surprise you. YouTube, Instagram, Spotify are running on Python. The demand for Python developers all over the world, both in the large enterprises and startups is on a steady rise.

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