Why is Hadoop certification a big deal in big data?

In the realm of big data, Hadoop certification is something that can bring you easy employment, and a smooth gateway to success. If you are armed with a certificate in Hadoop, then finding a well-paying job and climbing the ladder to the top positions in your company becomes simpler.

Let us find out why Hadoop certifications mean so much in big data and analytics in today’s world. As it is increasingly gaining popularity, big data is now invading almost every vertical in the world – be it healthcare, engineering, media, retail and even government services. A 2015 Forbes report says that around ninety percent of global commercial establishments invest heavily in big data analytics, which when clubbed with the information that big data analytics initiatives have significant returns on revenues, give you undeniably profitable motives to get a Hadoop certification.

Moreover, majority of the data that goes around in big data analytics passes through Hadoop, given its prowess in handling big data. As a result, companies need professionals skilled in handling Hadoop, and a number of them. A legitimate certification that you can handle petabytes of information and develop tools in Hadoop gives companies the affirmation and dependability on your credentials. Clearly, if you obtain a certification course in Hadoop, you undeniably have limitless options on your plate.

Let’s take a detailed look at how Hadoop can add stars to your professional life.

  • There is a clear cut advantage when it comes to pay packages. The skills that come with pursuing a Hadoop certification course give you a considerable edge over other professionals in the industry.
  • It makes you aware of the latest technological developments in the arena, and helps you ace opportunities during internal job postings.
  • You get to network and expand your connections within the Hadoop community, which becomes a life-long source for support and collaborations.
  • Hadoop boosts your confidence while networking with other professionals or establishing your skills in interviews.
  • Several institutes provide online professional certification courses for Hadoop, like Analytix Labs in Gurgaon, NCR. This is one course that is extremely beneficial for your career, and doesn’t require you to leave your job or regular studies to pursue it. What more can one ask for?
  • You have the option to pursue a certification course online as well as in-class. The online courses utilize the potentials of the world wide web; and are a blessing to anyone who doesn’t have the time to take full-time classes.

Why take a Hadoop certification course online?

If you are a aiming for a job in the big data industry, or an existing employee who wants to upgrade their skill and negotiate for a better position, or someone wanting to strengthen their skill set and improve their CVs, an online Hadoop certification can get your dreams closer to you.

How can an online course make a difference to your career?

  • It gives you a rich, interactive environment to develop your skills. You can do much more than sit and listen to a lecture. For e.g., you can explore how the lessons you are learning during your class fit in the practical scenario while you are learning about new developments in the technology.
  • You get opportunities to interact with like-minded people who love Hadoop as much as you do. The communities you develop prove to be extremely beneficial when you have to apply your skills on real-life problems in the outside world.
  • You get hands-on experience on various projects, which strengthens your understanding of the technology better and prepares you for handling problems when you step out in the big bad world.
  • You can learn from wherever you want: your home, a café or while commuting to work. The time you save can be utilized in diversifying your learning experiences, or hitting work-life balance goals.
  • There are options to get your queries clarified as and when you want. It saves you the crucial time between raising a question and obtaining the answers that satisfy your curiosity; if this gap is too much, the actual queries might get lost in time.

People working as software professionals, ETL developers, analytics professionals, testing professionals, project managers, and those in similar domains are most likely to benefit from online certification courses.

Are you a student or a working professional looking out for an online Hadoop certificate course? Tell us what you would look for in your ideal online Hadoop course.

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  1. You have given thoughtful and interesting post for readers or students 🙂

    I would love to say that the post is very eye catching now, come to the point – “Hadoop certification is something that can bring you easy employment, and a smooth gateway to success” its very true line.

  2. This is very useful information for me because I am going to complete my graduation by next year. So I’m in confusion which course I have to join. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us about Hadoop certification. Now I am very clear about my future course.

  3. Hadoop certification is all related to Big Data; you must have heard the term quite often by now. Every other person pursuing a technical career in IT is pursuing some Big Data course. It’s because the field looks so potent that everyone is optimistic about it.

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