Why Is Artificial Intelligence Still So Incredibly Powerful?

The history of Artificial Intelligence is one of speculations, controversies, setbacks and incredible feats. And today we are in a world that is riveted with AI. The basic functions of AI that astonished the world at some point have become so common now that we do not any longer notice its presence. Functions like facial recognition, speech recognition rely upon complex algorithms but they do not seem to be extremely powerful or revolutionary. A lot of routine work is being performed by AI. Performing routine work is one thing and matching the highest level of human cognition and intelligence is a completely different phenomenon. In an age where we are so used to technology, to be called incredible takes a lot of impressiveness.

The game is Go now with Deep Learning

Google’s AI Deep Mind has offered us something really to marvel at. The AI defeated two Go players without being taught the classic sequences and even the basic rules. The interesting part is the players it defeated are the European Go champion and the Go world champion. The strategic board game called Go has more possible moves than atoms in the whole world. Putting that amount of data in a computer is only next to impossible. What they did though was to expose the AI to hundreds of thousands of game footages and made it to play with itself as well as with many other players.

The technology under this is famously called Deep learning. This is based upon a neural network in which the lower level calculations feed to the higher level ones. It is capable of solving complex problems almost magically. It works almost like a human brain with the highest level of computing capacity.

The Mystery of the driverless car

Google’s self driving car is one of those scientific research projects that have the potential to change the world forever and of course one of the most keenly observed case book in the development of AI. The car is being driven around the world being exposed to real world challenges so that it can recognize, remember and repeat the best possible human action without human involvement. Once the research is done and the machine is learned enough to have a go by itself, the transport industry will take a step towards a new future. Once more there are and there will be controversies – ethical, questions, security concerns, anxiety over disruption; nothing will stop the eventual rise of the AI. And this is what exactly we call incredible power.

It’s no magic trick though

AI = TD + ML + HITL that means Artificial Intelligence = Training Data + Machine Learning + Human In The Loop. This equation presented by the CEO of CrowdFlower sheds some bright light on the mystery. Knowledge is delivered to the machine through exposition and iteration; the machine learning algorithms are so set as to give the machine extraordinary cognitive ability. And it simply learns, understands and predicts.

Talking of Business

 The development of AI may very well change the global industrial maps in many ways but as of now the mainstream of enterprises are more concerned with utilizing artificial intelligence for data analysis. Collecting and processing an insane amount of data can show a fading pathway to success by helping to make better decisions faster. And this can make just enough difference between a successful enterprise and a failed attempt. The AI bots can move up and down the web based communication networks collecting valuable data about the potential consumer base. The next step, that separating the relevant from the irrelevant is also made easy with machine learning algorithms. And AI systems can process a huge amount of data ultimately generating better insight and prompting suitable action.

AI is becoming emotional and natural

Does that mean the gap between human and artificial intelligence is bridged? Well, not really. It means that speech recognition systems are being equipped to transcribe heavy accents and the bots are being trained to understand the intent behind words. If your AI assistance understands your mood from your language that is a huge step toward humanizing the bot. This greatly enhances the role of AI in customer response as well as data comprehension.

The turn of events shows us that the development of Artificial Intelligence is consistently opening new avenues for its application. As it grows in power the time does not seem to be far when AI will surpass humans in human intelligence. Should we see it as a detrimental possibility? We can hope not. All the developments have been in order to solve a problem – may be the next will be to contain its threat toward human importance.

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