Why To Choose Analytix Labs For Business Analytics Certification Courses

A leading provider of analytics training, AnalytixLabs is a popular institute that offers a wide range of customized solutions and courses for individuals, organizations, colleges and universities. Our analytics training program are run by alumni from McKinsey, IIM and IIT, while the faculty has over 50 years of experience in the field. The business analytics certification and training program offered by Analytix Labs is a 70 hours training program, excluding practice session. Under the program, students are introduced to relevance of business analytics, its types, statistical fundamentals, data preparation and reduction techniques, factor analysis, cluster analysis or market segmentation, interpretation, credit risk modeling and time-series forecasting.

These basis can be used in a variety of analytics fields, such as marketing, risk and credit. The program makes use of decisive analytics, descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to include a range of domains and inter-related fields such as behavioral analysis, financial services, marketing and pricing, retail sales, risk and credit, telecommunications, supply chain and transportation analysis among others.

With the evolution of data collection, management, inference and organization planning, more and more corporations want individuals with expertise and knowledge in business analytics. And aspirants can now opt from a range of business analytics certification available with AnalytixLabs. This premier analytics institute provides certifications and training courses for corporates, colleges/universities and individuals. Because of the vastness of business analytics, the certification course and training program offered by Analytix Labs includes different realms, such as Marketing and Risk Analytics and Big Data Hadoop Training. Aspirants can choose the right business analytics program and get free quote or course details from the institute’s website.

A spokesperson elaborated the reasons why choosing the right business analytics certification is pivotal for aspirants and said, “Business Analytics deals with skills and technologies that are required for accessing, organizing and analyzing data. It requires individuals to practice a certain set of behaviors and strategies to explore and investigate past business performances and derive a plan for future working of the organization. Briefly stating, Business Analytics is the core of an organization, a deciding factor in whether or not a company will reach its goal. That’s why, a right program, such our comprehensive certification and training in Business Analytics is a must. The program will equip students to understand and employ extensive use of data and involve themselves in explanatory or predictive modeling for decision making.”

Established in 2011, Analytix Labs has a distinct faculty with over 50 years of experience in the field. Students from the institute have already been placed in leading companies like Facebook, Accenture, Bank of America, Chi-Square Analytics, Tata Docomo, WNS Analytics, GE Capital, Barclays and McKinsey among others.

The spokesperson added, “We have special programs for corporates as well. These programs can be customized to include or exclude different modules.”

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