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Top 25 Data Science Books to Learn Data Science

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Today, Data has become the most significant resource for every business, making it the core of all functioning. With millions of terabytes of data generated every hour, data is indeed the most valuable asset to people.

The art of mining data and analyzing to derive value out of it is known as Data Science, and the past few years have seen an enormous rise in the sales of books related to the same. In this blog, we take you through a brief about the books on data science on every level. It is ranging from data science books for beginners to advanced.

Books have been the handiest resources when it comes to gathering knowledge. Yes, there are new and better ways to gather knowledge over a topic, but when it comes to books, they offer a structured path to the students. Similar is the case with books on data science.

These books prove to be a crucial tool to help you learn this new skill by exposing you to the basics. Classified into several levels, data science books give you various insights on the numerous algorithms, approaches, concepts, and programming languages that support the same. Becoming a Data Scientist is just one right book away!

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Why Learn Data Science?

Ever wondered what makes Data Science so important?

If no, then this might be the piece for you.

Data is one of the most valuable assets of any company today. Besides marketing, the information mined from the web can be used in several other works. Interestingly, the limits of data science are limitless. Having the right data in hand is often referred to as surreal power.

Interestingly, Data Science has been called “sexiest job of 21st Century” by Harvard Business Review.

But what makes Data Science so important?  Why are the professionals of Data Science paid so well?

To answer that question, let’s break down the first line into a simple message. “Data science is the fuel to power industries”.  Data helps companies revolutionise their products and come up with a new edge in competition.

The job profile of a data scientist is to mine user data and provide them to companies to help them understand the trends in data. Their everlasting demand is one of the many reasons why you should start learning it already.

How To Learn Data Science?

Learning Data Science can be a mammoth task if you have to learn it on your own. However, thanks to the presence of data science books, you can quickly get started.

To begin with, you have to start loving data and start exploring your knowledge around the fields of statistics and algorithms,among others. Besides the suggested measures, you will also have to acquire knowledge around machine learning, image recognition, neural networks, and several other techniques to secure a way around mining data.

You could also consider the options of joining an institute and attend workshops, MOOCs,  read articles, and further.

However, when you decide to learn data science from scratch, you will move back to the traditional ways, books. There’s no best book for data science but several hundred of them. Therefore, to help you out with the same, we have segregated the list, ranging from data science books for beginners to advanced and expert levels.

List of Data Science Books

Data Science Books for Beginners

  1. Data Science for Business: What You Need to Know about Data Mining and Data-Analytic Thinking:

Written by experts on data science Foster Provost and Tom Fawcett, this book introduces the users to “data-analytic thinking”. It is an essential tool to help readers understand the different concepts of data-mining techniques.

  1. Data Science from Scratch: First Principles with Python

Written by Joel Grus, this book revolves around data science tools and algorithms and explains the user about implementing the different data mining techniques from scratch. 

  1. Data Science for Dummies

Author Lillian Pierson has done a great job at writing the best book for data science. It is a reliable tool to help beginners and scratches the core of the subject with a detailed explanation.  

  1. Numsense! Data Science for the Layman: No Math Added

Written by Annalyn Ng and Keneth Soo, this book is the perfect kickstart of data science books. It focuses on the gentle introduction to data science and its algorithms. Every concept is explained in the simplest of terms.

  1. Introduction to Machine Learning with Python: A Guide for Data Scientists

Written by Andreas Müller and Sarah Guido, this book provides you with a walkthrough of machine learning solutions.

Data Science Books for Intermediate Level Learners

  1. The Data Science Handbook

Wiley’s this book is the perfect option for data analysis methodology and provides the readers with practical solutions to cover the required skill set. An ideal start for software professionals, it is an excellent tool for intermediate-level learners.

  1. Python Data Science Handbook: Essential Tools for Working with Data

Author Jake VanderPlas has done a great job at acquiring vast resources and putting up this book. It gives a brief walkthrough of Python Data Science and comprises NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn,  IPython, Matplotlib, and other related tools.

  1. Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data

This book is an excellent option for users to clarify the fundamental concepts of data science. The users are covered over correlation, regression analysis, and inference. It is a great tool to help students learn and acquire knowledge around the matter.

  1. Practical Statistics for Data Scientists: 50 Essential Concepts

Author Nina Zameri has done a great job at using practical based examples in this book of hers. The examples range from business intelligence, marketing, and decision support to bring design experiments.

  1. The Data Science Handbook: Advice and Insights from 25 Amazing Data Scientists

An ideal resource for data analysis, this book brings 25 data scientists’ work under one single book. One of the best options for people who want to practice data science covers all the latest disciplines of the subject.

Data Science Books for Advanced Learners

  1. Fundamentals of Machine Learning for Predictive Data Analytics: Algorithms, Worked Examples, and Case Studies (MIT Press)

This book lays a complete insight to cover the readers over every aspect. The basics range from data to insight and decision. The book covers four essential elements, such as similarity-based learning, information-based learning, probability-based learning, and error-based learning.

  1. Data Analytics Made Accessible: 2017 Edition

The complete guide to accessing data and segregating it into bites of data, this book adds to the overall aspect of data analytics.

  1. Practical Statistics for Data Scientists: 50 Essential Concepts

This book revolves around the expert analytics of data science. This book takes its readers on a complete journey of covering various statistical methods from scratch. It focuses on providing the users with an idea of what’s essential and what’s not.

  1. Data Analytics: Master The Techniques For Data Science, Big Data And Data Analytics

This book is focused on mastering the science around the subject. It revolves around covering all the necessary aspects of data science, something that needs the advanced angle.

  1. Doing Data Science: Straight Talk from the Frontline

This book helps the students in coping up with the advanced and more complex stages of machine learning. 

Best Book for Statistics for Data Science

  1. Practical Data Science with R

This book focuses on being one of the best books for statistics for data science; this book covers the readers with all the necessary aspects that are covered over data science. It gives a brief insight into the statistical figures and how to use them.

  1. Big Data For Business: Your Comprehensive Guide to Understand Data Science, Data Analytics and Data Mining to Boost More Growth and Improve Business (Data Analytics Book Series) (Volume 2)

This book focuses on providing the readers with tremendous insights around segregating Big Data. It also helps the readers identify new growth areas and the better use of statistical data.

  1. Think Stats: Probability and Statistics for Programmers

This book is probably one of the best books for statistics for data science. This book is a complete collection of plenty of resources. It covers the readers over all the necessary aspects of codes, files, and solutions over Python programming language.

  1. Statistics in Plain English

One of the best data science books takes the readers into a complete journey of statistics and covers them over all the relevant insights. It is one of the most reliable sources for learning statistics for data science.  

  1. Head First Statistics – A Brain-Friendly Guide

This is one of the best books to have come over statistical learning. It covers the readers over all the necessary cores of knowledge and provides them with the same aspects.

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Best Book to Learn Data Science

  1. The Data Science Handbook: Advice and Insights from 25 Amazing Data Scientists

Written by authors Carl Shan, William Chen, Henry Wang, and Max Song. This book is a collection of interviews of the top driving Data Scientists. The person interviewed in this book is a former US Chief Data Officer responsible for bringing leads to prominent organizations. Some are notable data scientists who have their own sets of experiments.

  1. The Art of Data Science

A masterpiece from authors Roger D. Peng and Elizabeth Matsui, this book centers around the different mediums to analyze data and segregate them to generate unique results. The authors of these books also bring up personal pieces from their own experiences to add to their value.

  1. Python Crash Course

Author Eric Matthes has done great justice to Data Science and its aspirants over this book. It is briefly categorized into two major sections. The initial segment of the book focuses on Python through different concepts, ranging from loops, dictionaries, conditions, and lists, among others. On the other hand, its second part revolves around various projects built using Python.

  1. R for Data Science

Authors Hadley Wickham and Garrett Grolemund have given a complete overview of Data science with this book. It begins from the basics and brings around the entire outline of the subject, including the necessary terms like data cleaning, wrangling, visualization. Further, it also briefs on RStudio. The different aspects of RStudio are essential in covering the advanced aspects of learning.

  1. Introduction to Machine Learning with Python: A Guide for Data Scientists

The author of this book, Andreas Muller, has given a brief on Python through this masterpiece. This piece centers around the basics of Python and assists the readers with machine learning solutions. Interestingly, it not only teaches you Python yet; it also brings the basics of Machine Learning to make the best Data Scientist.


Data Science is certainly the thing of the future. This is indeed one of the best knowledge to gain and pursue. You could consider working around this field as it has a huge demand. Something that the supply isn’t able to meet. Moreover, it is one of the highest-paying jobs of the current times. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which book is best for data science?

There are 100’s of books that are published in Data Science; selecting one is undoubtedly impossible. However, to cover all the necessary aspects of Data Science, you should go through the suggested books listed above.

Q2. Is Data Science hard?

No, data science is not hard. However, it is not that easy as well. Learning data science requires you to have an idea of the subject to its core and stay updated with the latest trends to come up with the most significant data.

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Q3. What’s the best way to learn data science as a beginner?

There are several ways to learn data science as a beginner. The best way to begin your studies around this field is to read books and continue with the structured learning process. Moreover, you can also consider applying to institutions and start the process of learning Data Science.

Q4. What book do you think every data analyst should read?

There are numerous books on data science that should be read by everybody who is involved in the field. The field is considerable, and new trends come up every day; therefore, readers must stay updated with the latest trends to identify data in machine learning.

However, one should also never forget the basics. It will help if you read authors like  Peter Bruce, Andrew Bruce, Peter Gedeck, Sarah Guido, Jessica Hwang, and Joel Grus, among others.

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