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8 (Interesting) Machine Learning Projects For Beginners

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Artificial Intelligence’s core subarea is Machine Learning or ML. It makes computers go into safe-learning mode without direct programming. When the computer is fed new data, it learns, grows, changes, and develops on its own.

According to research, 1/3rd of IT leaders plan to utilize ML for business analytics, 25% plan to use it for security purposes while 16% will be using it in sales and marketing. Moreover, in 2019’s first quarter only, funding worth $28.5 billion was allocated in ML.

Since this number will rise with time, taking up real-life practical Machine Learning projects has become crucial. When one begins with Machine Learning project ideas, they can test their weaknesses and strengths as well as gain exposure, which can prove to be immensely helpful in boosting their careers.

Also, you can add those projects in your CV along with a Machine Learning course making it easier to get a cool job, find better opportunities, and negotiate with your recruiter for a higher salary.

Machine Learning Projects for Beginners

Embarking on a Machine Learning journey can be a bit overwhelming for beginners, especially when it comes to choosing the right project to start with. But we’ve got you covered! Check out our handpicked list of 8 cool and interesting ml projects for beginners. Whether you’re diving into the world of algorithms or exploring data patterns, these ml projects for beginners are here to make your journey a breeze. Let’s get started on your ML adventure!

  1. Health Care
  2. Stock Market Predictor
  3. Sentiment Analyzer
  4. Sports Predictor
  5. Movie Ticket Pricing
  6. Write a Machine Learning Algorithm
  7. Wine Quality Predictor
  8. Music Recommendation

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1. Health Care

Due to ML, the healthcare industry all over the world is undergoing rapid changes. Becoming a doctor needs years of education and training. The field is pretty demanding in terms of high stakes, long hours, and a higher barrier to entry.

This is why, recently, there has been a huge effort to reduce the workload of doctors and enhance the health care system’s overall efficiency with the help of ML. Remote monitoring, healthcare wearables, robotic surgery, telemedicine, etc. are possible due to Machine Learning based projects. Uses cases include –

●  Insurance – Adjust premiums on the basis of publicly available risk factors.

●  Diagnostic care – Automatically scanning images, X-rays, more, and providing accurate diagnosis of the possible diseases.

●  Preventive care – Predicting outbreaks of diseases on an individual as well as community level.

Access one sample project here.

2. Stock Market Predictor

Stock prices predictor is possibly amongst the best machine learning project ideas to begin experimenting with Machine Learning projects. Companies and business organizations are looking for software, which can analyze and monitor the performance of the companies as well as predict the future prices of several stocks.

Because there is immense data available on the stock market, it serves as an ocean of opportunities for data scientists who are inclined towards finance. Before starting off, you should have sufficient knowledge in the areas mentioned below.

●  Statistical modeling – It includes making mathematical descriptions of real-world processes as well as elaborating on any possible uncertainties.

●  Regressive analysis – It is a type of predictive method based on the interaction between independent variables (predictor) and a dependent (target).

●  Predictive analysis – Leveraging several AI methods for various data processes like data exploration, data mining, etc. in order to predict the behavior of the possible outcomes.

●  Action analysis – All the actions performed by predictive and regressive analysis are analyzed in this method after which the result is fed into ML memory.

Access one sample project here.

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3. Sentiment Analyzer

Although almost everyone uses social media platforms for conveying their opinions and feelings, probably the biggest challenge lies in comprehending the sentiments that lead to such social media posts. And this can be the best one out of your Machine Learning project ideas.

Social media is loaded with tons of content generated by users. By making an ML system which can analyze sentiments behind post or text, you would simplify the task of organizations regarding understanding customer behavior significantly. This will allow the organizations to offer better customer services and in fact, provide utmost customer satisfaction.

You can mine data from Twitter or Facebook, to begin with, your Machine Learning projects about sentiment analysis. This may prove to be helpful in your other projects in the future as well.

Download one sample dataset from here.

4. Sports Predictor

Since there is no limit of data available in the world of sports, one can use the data to build creative and fun Machine Learning based projects, which may include using school sports data to predict who would possess an impressive career in a particular sport.

One may also go for enhancing the team management by looking at the weaknesses and strengths of the team players and classify them as per the analysis. With the immense amount of sports data and stats available, it makes for an excellent arena to perfect your visualization and data exploration skills.

Get more details on sports analytics projects here.

5. Movie Ticket Pricing

Due to the expansion of platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and other streaming platforms, people prefer watching the content according to their convenience. Factors, such as content quality, pricing, marketing, genre availability, etc. have influenced the success of such platforms.

The total cost of making a movie has increased exponentially in the past few years, and only 1 out of ten movies make profits. High movie ticket prices along with stiff competition from such platforms and TV have made it really hard for movies to make money. Most of the cinema halls run empty due to high ticket prices.

However, an advanced movie ticket pricing system may help viewers and movie makers. Ticket prices for popular movies can be higher and the cost can be low for movies that are not popular. You can practice making a project that calculates the prices of tickets based on social signals, supply-demand factors, and the interest of viewers.

Learn about other similar projects here.

6. Write Machine Learning Algorithms From Scratch

Preparing elaborate ML algorithms for the beginners right from scratch is a marvelous way to hone your ML skills because of two reasons –

●  You will be highly wired towards computational thinking, which will lead to true mastery.

●  You will learn how to derive programmable codes from mathematical instructions. This skill would be required when you will be adapting algorithms from academic research.

You can begin with simple algorithms first and then progress towards the complex ones. Even in the case of easy algorithms, you will have to make lots of subtle decisions. And as you get comfortable developing simple algorithms, move ahead to try your hands on more complicated ones.

7. Wine Quality Predictor

Everyone knows that the older a wine, the better it will be its taste. But there are numerous factors other than the wine’s age that go into the wine quality certification, like alcohol quantity, volatile acidity, pH, determination of density, fixed acidity, etc.

The main aim of this ML project would be to build an ML model to predict the quality of wines based on their varying chemical properties. You can use a Wine quality dataset that contains 4898 observations with 1 dependent and 11 independent variables. Through such a project, a beginner gets experience with data exploration, data visualization, R programming, and regression models.

Get more details about this project here.

8. Music Recommendation System

If you love music and have a lot of knowledge about music, this can be the top one amongst your most favorite Machine Learning based projects. For someone who is deeply interested in music, developing a music recommendation system can be an interesting project. How exciting would it be if you are able to develop a system that can recommend music to the listener on the basis of their listening history?

Doing so is becoming increasingly important because there are numerous music listening platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, etc. and people shift to other platforms quickly if the app does not play the music of their choice automatically.

People generally have playlists but they may use apps to discover new songs. Also, while driving, studying, cooking, or working, people may play music on their apps and expect it to play songs on the basis of their mood. For example, if they play a motivational, happy song, they would want to listen to similar songs and not a song about heartbreak. Using machine learning, this can be achieved.

Learn more about this music recommendation here.


The above-mentioned is a comprehensive list of the Machine Learning project ideas. ML is still in its early stages all over the world and using ML, a lot can be achieved. With sharp ideas and smart minds, systems with support businesses become faster, better, and more profitable.

You can understand how Machine Learning infrastructure works in real life by working with ML algorithms and ML tools. Machine Learning is a highly interesting field and you can improve existing projects and create innovative ones using ML easily. You also like to read – How to learn AI and ML by yourself?


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