SAS + Business Analytics Training Courses

SAS+ Business Analytics is our most coveted flagship program. Crafted and delivered by a team of industry experts, this comprehensive program has all components required to give you a strong foundation and head-start into the field of Analytics, like statistical concepts, basic descriptive to predictive analytic techniques and most widely used analytics tools (SAS, SQL, R and Excel).

Please click below to know more about the course components (72 hours + practice sessions):

1. SAS Edge: SAS is slowly becoming a standard for all Analytics professionals. In this, we will cover Base SAS as well topics from Advanced SAS.

2. Business Analytics (using SAS & R): Learning tools without techniques and their applications is work only half done. The course thus includes basic to advanced statistical and analytic techniques, with ample case practices and their application into different business areas.

3. MS Excel: MS Excel is the bread and butter for any Analyst and hence we have included this in our course. The sessions will not only get you comfortable with Excel but also teach you how to conduct, report and share several analysis using this user friendly software.

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