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Corporate Training Courses

Helping you imbibe an analytics culture to enable smart business decisions...

Make your managers data driven

Do your business managers rely more on intuition than data driven insights? Are they able to fully realize the power of data in this cut-throat business environment?

Our Capability Building programs are conducted by experts to help transform organizations by leveraging the power of data and analytics to its fullest. Our trainings are customized to suit organization’s requirements and we work with you to build case studies specific to your organization.

Building Block

Analytics training for non-analytics people. This program is for executives who haven't put data in use to work for them. However, with changing times, this is becoming the need of the hour and will ensure an improvement in efficiency and ROI for the organisation.


Analytics tools like SAS, R, Big Data platforms, MS Excel (Basic and Advanced). We include ample hands- on exercises for better assimilation and to make the training interactive.


Statistical concepts (like Hypothesis tests, Regression), Predictive analytics (like Churn prediction, Time series forecasting) and Marketing concepts (like Segmentation, Branding, Conjoint). Our focus here is not only to explain analytic concepts but also ensure understanding the applicability and usage of these.

Functional Domains

Marketing Analytics, Retail Analytics, Customer lifecycle management Analytics, Financial Analytics, Risk Analytics. We deploy case studies on your data to ensure practical understanding and application into different business areas.

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Students are treated as students not as cash cows. Each and every student is a valuable asset for them .The whole pedagogy is so structered and formatted in a way that you never loose the track. Everything is scheduled in advanced. Be it Assignments after every topic , Case Studies, Mock Interviews, Resume Preparation , doubt sessions the whole alabs team is their for your support. Just drop them a mail, take the time and clear your doubts, it seems simple then downloading latest movie from a torrent site. How can i forget to write about Mr Sumeet Bansal & Mr Chandra Mouli. Right from the begining the support which has been given by them is something which i can never pay off. I am not from Statistics background , but the way they explained me the concepts, cleared all my doubts i never felt -i am lagging behind in the classes. In the end i wanna thank the whole ALABS TEAM.

- Himanshu Roliyan (Analyst, Ernst & Young)

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