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Do you know that many reputed universities like Standford,Yale,Duke and IIMs have started analytics programs?

Do you know that analytics is one of the few professions that has not been effected, and if fact grown because of recession? What is driving this?

Read below to find the answers you are looking for...

Growing demand yet limited supply

The advent of technology has increased the availability of information. The challenge thus now is to use this information effectively, given today’s cut-throat and complex business environment.

Analytics is a fast-growing field with widespread applications in various sectors, like telecom, banking, retail and e-commerce. At present analytics professionals are most sought after by employers. No wonder more than 2100 positions are open in India itself!

Field Independent

To add to the above, Analytics is field independent. Since Analytics is applied in almost every sector, people from various quantitative fields (like Engineering, Commerce, MBA, etc) can join this field.

To help the faculty members and students, AnalytixLabs offers standard courses and also some specialized training programs on various topics like Data Mining Techniques, Statistical tests, T-test, Chi-Square and ANNOVA Multivariate Analysis, Correlations, Factor, Cluster & more.

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I have been in Analytics and Consulting industry for the past 10 years and I can say this without doubt that if you are thinking of joining AnalytixLabs then it can prove to be your best career decision. There are a lot of Analytics and Big Data training institutes in India, but few will have the industry and technical expertise as offered by AnalytixLabs. It is important to understand that Analytics cannot be just theoretical and it is very crucial that it is backed by deep corporate know how. Sumeet and Ankita have been in this industry for quite some time now and they know the nuts and bolts of it. I wish AnalytixLabs great success in its future ventures.

- Amit Gupta (Principal Consultant - Data Science (Big Data Insight Division) at DMI (Digital Management, Inc.))

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