Why is Business Analytics a good career option?

Business Analytics Career

  Digitisation is the buzzword these days. From biggest tech companies in the world to the local grocery store next street, technology and data have become the engine oil for businesses across sectors. In such a scenario, the ability to analyse and channelise such a vast amount of data in the right direction is what […]

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What is Machine Learning and How is it Shaping our Future?

What is Machine Learning?

  Doesn’t the overwhelming response as well as the inclusion of voice assistants, algorithm-based apps and websites that are taking automation to the next level amaze you?   While these applications often steal the thunder, it is machine learning that has become a go-to technology for firms willing to enhance consumer experience and bring in […]

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What Is Business Analytics?

What is Business Analytics

  Business analytics simply refers to the use of tools and techniques to turn data into meaningful business insights. Earlier it involved the collection and exploration of organizational and transactional data with the help of statistical models; presently it also takes into account the unstructured data sources like social media and different social forums.  With […]

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