6 Reasons Why You Should Take Python Training

Around every decade, a new programming language has made its debut and swept developers off their feet. One such language is Python, which was introduced back in 1980s and its implementation began in 1989 by Guido van Rossum. Its been over 25 years for Python as a programming language, but nothing has stopped modern developers to take python training even in the present time.

Why Python? 6 reasons to take python training

The benefits of python as a programming language are numerous, which justifies aptly why developers choose to learn this language. Below are 6 reasons why developers should (and are) taking up python training.

1. Its popular and offers a good salary package

Most python developers draw some of the highest salary packages in the industry. Ofcourse, these people are equipped with more than just python language, but python training is the first step towards the golden ticket to success. The United States have recorded the highest salary for python developers at approximate;y $116,028/annum. Python training is on the rise because of the high popularity of this language. According to last 30-days’ report on Google Trends (as on 13 June 2018), Python continues to beat PHP and Ruby, worldwide.

2. Python is one of the leading languages in the Data industry

Python training will teach you to handle various data related issues. You will be adept in supporting parallel computing wherein you can use Python for Hadoop. Python comes with an added library termed as Pydoop, using which you can easily write a MapReduce program and process the data in HDFS cluster. Python has many other libraries like Dask and Pyspark for data processing.

Taking a python training can help you make it big in the big data world. If you are wondering why you should bother about making it big in big data industry, read our previous article on this.

3. Python training is more like your entry ticket to AI-world

Artificial intelligence and its implementations have taken the world by storm. AI will become the helm of technology world where bots will mimic human brains. Python training will offer you all the resources to utilize AI and create the futuristic machine, using abundant resources available in libraries like openCV, TensorFlow and Keras.

Python can be used to build GUI and various desktop applications. If you have a python training, you can also write gaming logics using the pygame module which are compatible with android devices. The opportunities to play around with python and AI are in abundant, but for that a python training is a must.

4. Take Python training to master web development

There is no doubt that python consists of an array of frameworks for website development. The most popular frameworks include Flask, Pylons, and Django. All these frameworks are written in python, which make them fast and stable.

A python training will give you ample knowledge about these frameworks. Along with that you can also learn to perform web scraping. Some of the popular websites that are built on these frameworks include Instagram and Pinterest, along with others. Surprising isn’t it?

5. Python is portable and extensible

One of the major reasons why developers take up python training is because python as a language has extensible and portable properties. These properties allow python developers to perform cross language operations smoothly. Starting with Linux to Windows to Macintosh, Python is supported by all the major OS, making it one of the most portable language. It also lets you integrate with Java and .NET components.

6. Python is easy to learn

Take up python training because it is simple, easy to learn, and highly popular. Do you need more reasons?

Python resembles English language to a great extend which makes learning this language essentially easy. Further, you don’t have to deal with complicated syntax when using python language. To add more, python is open source, interpreted and has a large community to turn to for help.

Start with python training to shape your career in big data and/or in the developers’ domain. There is no easy way to beat others than taking up python training without delay.

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