3 reasons to start with a big data hadoop certification course

Are you thinking of a big data Hadoop certification course, but not sure if it will benefit you? Then here’s the deal. According to a recent study by TimeXtender, a leading business intelligence and analytics service company, and Tableau software, a certified technology partner, Hadoop big data analytics market is valued at US $38.5 billion during predicted period of 2016-2022. The study has anticipated a ~26.5% of CAGR during this period.

What does this mean? This is just one way to put that jobs in hadoop analytics will double and triple in the coming months. There is rarely any company that doesn’t depend on organizing and understanding customer data. In-fact, it can be safely said that businesses are running on data – and the need for trained data analytics is growing exponentially.

In short, this IS a good time to start with your big data hadoop certification course already. If this doesn’t sound convincing enough to enroll for your big data Hadoop certification course, then here are top 3 reasons why should not delay.

3 Reasons to start with your big data Hadoop certification course

The demand-supply gap in the big data world cannot be ignored. While there are so many new job opportunities that are cropping up every day, the shortage of trained data professionals is increasing faster. In this situation, if you can complete a big data Hadoop certification course, you will have the benefit of staying relevant and also ahead of the competition.

What benefits do certifications have?

Certification courses have their benefits. It has been touted as a proof of your competency and is also treated as an accepted norm in this evolving data world. Since the technology is ever-evolving, it can become a challenge to complete a course and become skillfully competent. Hence, when someone completes a certification course, it stands as a proof that this person is skilled to keep up with the rapid changes in the technology world.

Here’s why a big data Hadoop certification course will help you in the long run.


Big data market alone is predicted to reach $46.34 billion by this year. This means, there has never been a better time to get started with that big data Hadoop certification course of yours. Almost every sector, industry, domain has woken up to realize the benefits of having an in-house data person (or rather an expert team). Companies are willing to invest in hiring big data, and Hadoop experts, as big data transits from its experimental phase to becoming a mandate in every company.


The next reason trails from the first point. Since companies are willing to invest in Hadoop and big data experts, it is evident that your big data Hadoop certification course will fetch you a good salary. Infact, the standards for data experts are set so high that a competent person will get handsomely paid by default. Very recently, we have also analyzed the industry salary standards along with India Magazine and discovered that average salary of analytics professionals in India is at INR 11.7 Lakh/annum, as compared to IT professionals at INR 8.65 lakh/annum. So, your big data Hadoop certification course is almost like the golden key to a lucrative career.


Big data and Hadoop are not impossible concepts. Neither do they require out-of-the-world brain power. However, it is a long-term game. When you enroll for a big data Hadoop certification course, the gain is not instantly. While big data has multiple avenues to try, since you are searching for a Hadoop-based course, we’ll assume you want to play in this niche. We’d suggest you opt for python, R, and other common and relevant big data concepts to stay relevant for a more extended period. You see, continuous learning is the key.

There is hardly any sector in the present times that is not interested in leveraging the power of big data and its related concepts. Although industry-domain expertise is essential, a big data Hadoop certification course will prepare you for multiple job opportunities across various industries. You can get additional training for other related concepts and also try your hands at industry-niche projects to attract better job opportunities. The whole idea is to remain as flexible as possible along with being very very relevant to stay ahead in the maddening competition.

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