Initiation of a Fresher into Data Science

There is a lot of doubts among the fresh candidates with or without analytics training regarding their acceptance into the data science industry. I have have good news and bad news for them.

Bad news first – if you are a fresh candidate you cannot get the post of a data scientist. The story might be a bit different if you are from an IIT or a BITS background but still it is little likely that you will be offered the role of a data scientist.

Good news – that you cannot become a data scientist right away does not mean that you cannot become a data scientist ever. You can get started in the industry and work your way up. That is the best way in fact. Up.

We all know that there is a lot of noise about data scientist being the sexiest job on Earth and the skyscraping salaries, but you gotta earn that with knowledge and experience; Experience being the keyword here. Initially it is all about taking small steps and setting goals for yourself.

Step 1: Stop worrying about the job title and the initial salary. Work and learn for two years; you will reach the cream zone of experience.

Step 2: Never stop learning. The trends change faster than you can imagine. Once you are out of your learning habit it becomes difficult to catch up and embrace new technologies.

Step 3: Try to work with tools that are gaining popularity not the ones that are losing it. You often do not have the option but to use old tech. But keep an eye open for opportunities to work with trendy tools.

So, these steps were to help you build a system of thought for yourself while embarking on your mission to find a place in the data science industry. Let us talk a little bit about the industry itself.

Data Science in application

Data science is not a product in itself, so, by the phrase data science industry we mean the body of companies and people that are working with data science, applying it to attain certain financial or technological goals. This industry is in fact spread across a lot of different industries. The basic principles are pretty simple.

  • Collect data and learn about the past.
  • Analyse the data and have a control over the future.

The whole body has been basically driven by this urge of enterprises to find actionable insights from the huge amount of data available. But I must disagree to myself. Because there is more to it than attaining financial goals.

The application of data science can revolutionise the way of the world. It can bring precision to public services, certainty to medication and stability to national security.

  • It is a proven fact that predictive analytics can be applied to prevent criminal activities.
  • Machine learning is being successfully used to diagnose fatal diseases in time.
  • Logistic management has found a new degree of efficiency with the help of advanced analytics.

These are only a few of the many examples of successful applications of data science around the world.

What do we gather from all this?

The data science industry is run by diverse contributions by a wide range of different job roles. Fresh talent is required around the world. You may not get a job with a seven digit salary at a corporate giant but you can work with SMBs or startups that will give you a vivid exposure to the industry. You might be required to use multiple tools and technologies which will eventually enrich your own repertoire.

Data science in India

Things are hardly any different in India than the rest of the world. Experience speaks the last word in the corporates. But in cities like Bangalore or Delhi you can get a job or an internship at a startup quite easily. You need to be trained first. Data science training in Bangalore is easily available and top notch.

Getting yourself ready

You can get yourself trained in the languages like SAS, R, Python, etc. Learn NoSQL, SQL, Tableau. Get knowledgeable about the industry trends, talk to professionals, join an institute that offers you guidance.

With the right training in the right tools and of course with the right attitude you will find direction. If you can go headstrong through the first few years, you are on for one creme of a career.

4 thoughts on “Initiation of a Fresher into Data Science

  1. I am B Tech graduate passed out in 2015. I want to shift my career into Data science. I have no prior IT related experience. So, as a fresher can I take up this Data Science or Data analytics course. As I am fresher, Will there be good job oppurtunities for me if I do this course. Please help. Thank you.

    • Hi, Thanks for reaching out to us. Since there is a gap of around 3 years post graduation so there will be few challenges. However, to allow us to help you better and suggest best course of action please get in touch with our counselor on 95552-19007.

  2. Hello, I am in my 4th year. I have a couple of small projects in ML. I know the enough python for Data science. And visualizations like seaborn etc. I need a structured path so that I can become a Data analyst after graduating.

  3. Hi, I am working in Amazon as Content Reviewer, But this job role also includes bit of data analysis using Excel and SQL. I want to further this data analysis as my career. Could you please suggest me what to choose, and where to begin. I’m a mechanical engineer, but do have little knowledge on core java and SQL queries.

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