A Great Career in Analytics Awaits You

The big data analytics industry in India is currently on the rise. It will be so for some time that is for sure. There are some pretty obvious reasons that the analytics industry is far from saturation in India – an aspect that bothers the global business engine. Disruption through the use of AI and dissatisfaction with analytics results have made the global market slow down a tad bit but not in India. India has just started out on its big data venture and having a great ride. So, if you are considering entering the big data industry, no time could be a better time. The market is growing at a CAGR of 27% and is supposed to do so up till 2020. Around 12,000 fresh jobs were added this year and predictions are that there will be nearly a 100,000 vacant positions in data analytics and advanced analytics in India by the end of 2022. This is one job market that is expanding like wild fire. Professionals experienced in the fields of IT or computer sciences are readily up-skilling to enter the domain of data science. Are you ready?

Where to start?

It can be a hard question in an industry stretched so far and wide and using so many different tools. But let us be old fashioned and start where it all started. Hadoop software suit should be your first learning goal. Yes, Hadoop had been the poster boy for big data analytics for nearly a decade. The market for Hadoop always had a similar growth rate as the big data market. It is because of Hadoop distributed File System that big data analytics had become affordable for small and mid-sized companies who could not spend a fortune to store all the data they wanted to store. The buzz has left Hadoop now. It is no longer the flamboyant poster child of big data, but it is still a fan favourite among the veterans of analytics.

What a Hadoop online training does is apart from teaching you the operational basics of the tools, it goves you a nice conceptual background about big data. It shows you how the industry works based on a balance between precision and cost-effectiveness.

The next step

Once you have completed your Hadoop training, you can look for a small job or internship to try your skills in real time situations. You will find opportunities for sure because it is pretty hard to find trained Hadoop professionals in today’s market. Once you have got going in the market you can pick and choose your next learning goal. You can either go for skills that can help you stick to the big data domain and improvise or you can dig deeper into data science and advanced analytics.

  • You can learn Tableau which helps you visualize the analyzed data and perform some basic analytics. A skill set combining Hadoop and Tableau can land you a decent job. But in that case you will have to up-skill further with R and Spark most likely.
  • The other option is definitely learning SAS or Python and eventually stepping into the domain of predictive analytics. This requires a good deal of hard work and perseverance. But if you think that you have an analytical brain, you should stop at nothing short.

How to go about learning?

Rule one – Do not be hasty in taking up a course. It is best to find some counselling. There are institutes which counsel you depending on your previous experience and knowledge. They will show you the best options that you have got of moving forward.

Rule 2 – Know your instructors. Who are they? How much time have they spent in the industry? What do the former students have to say about them? Do not hesitate to ask about the faculty and the curriculum. It is a professional world and you are investing your money and more importantly, time; it is best to be sure.

Rule 3 – Communicate. Stay in touch with your peers and seniors. The instructors will most likely not help you with any personal goals but you can still be a part of a community that will. Attend seminars, meet industrial representatives, and show the world that you are skilled and ready to join the workforce. It is important to be found; if you do not make an effort someone else will.

Start early, learn the basics, dig in deep, build a network – Have a great career.

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