Know the Indian Analytics Industry

There are two things that can be surely said about the analytics industry in India.

  1. There is a pronounced will among professionals to make a transition towards advanced analytics.
  2. A general lack of awareness among professionals about the dynamics of the data science and analytics industry in India.

This is a problem and it needs a cure. There have been efforts to spread awareness among the youngsters as well as experienced people. Let us look into some trends details that would help us understand the industry a little better.

Open source tools have the attention

It is no secret that R and Python have attracted more data science professionals than SAS has. Since the Indian market is startup driven to a great deal it can be pretty much expected that open source technologies will dominate the market.

Python has grown in popularity among the data scientist because of the amount of freedom it offers. A combination of R and Python in your skill set will definitely increase your chances of a higher pay. A combination of R and Python skills can earn you as much as 11.3LPA in India while R and SAS skills combined gets you around 10.8LPA. Keeps in mind while you get your data science certificate.

 It’s the best time to learn Machine Learning

Machine Learning skills are currently paying the best in the industry and for quite obvious reasons. More and more industries are coming forward to use this technology. The potential of machine learning is well realized and investments are flying in towards this stream of data science.

The healthcare industry in India might employ a great deal of machine learning in near future. It is in fact the future of advanced analytics.

 Big Data is losing ground

In the Indian market big data skills are still in demand and the global skill gap is still existing. But unlike 2016, the salaries offered to big data experts have dropped a tad bit.

A combination of big data and advanced analytics skills is something that can really push you toward the top. For instance if you know Hadoop, spark and have some decent R skills, you should be well off in the industry.

The pay hike is real

This is to say that IT professionals can increase their pay package by a third by getting analytics skills. A data science certificate can really increase your value as an employee in the market. The challenges of handling predictive and prescriptive analysis is also a boost to your job satisfaction. A survey involving analytics professionals who previously worked as IT professionals suggests that most of them are happier in terms of job satisfaction since the transition. It also gives you an extra bit of job security because advanced analytics jobs are less likely to be disrupted by automation.

Taking a deeper look into the salaries

Salaries in the analytics industry depend on four things.

  • Educational background
  • Amount of experience
  • The city where you are working
  • The technology you use

The highest amount of salary can be gotten in Mumbai. With skills like R and Python or Machine learning you can quite easily find yourself earning 12-13LPA in Mumbai. Bengaluru and NCR are right behind, offering 10.5 – 11 LPA. The salaries are a bit low in cities like Chennai and Kolkata. Jobs in Kolkata pay you around 9.5LPA; but the lower cost of living in Kolkata makes up for this.

 Experience holds immense value

As far as the experience factor is concerned most jobs are open for professionals with 5-7 years of experience. The salary offered for this experience belt is around 8-9LPA. The job market is a little on the lower side for the fresh candidates.

It is advisable that fresh candidates opt for internships or join in jobs which give an opportunity to work in minor analytics projects.

Still there are quite a few jobs for fresh candidates, the salaries range from 3-5LPA for 0-3 years of experience. The highest salary range is for professionals with an experience of 10-16 years, they are offered up to 15LPA but the number jobs are naturally not too high.

While choosing a course

Make sure that you are aware of the trends regarding various streams of advanced analytics. It is better to be sure before investing your money and time. Take a good look at the curriculum and the faculty profiles. Talk to the pass out students of the respective institute. The data science certificate should bring great value to your career.

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