Why Is It Important to Get Proper Training to Learn Analytics?

The obvious alternative of enrolling for a course to learn analytics is probing through an ocean of information scattered over the internet and trying to learn whatever it is that you want to learn. Telling that this idea has never worked for anyone would be telling a lie. But to tell that it is suggestible would be devastating for whoever takes the suggestion. If you want to learn a programming language just for the fun of creativity or getting used to with an analytics tool to perform entry level analytics on a small scale, for your own firm, it is okay to scavenge through the internet to find what you need. But if you are looking to use the knowledge you acquire to get a job and to build a successful career out of it, you got to get yourself enrolled in an institute and learn like a diligent student.

You must realize that what you are looking at as a vast field of opportunities is after all an industry that means business. It can get rewarding but that does not mean it cannot get cruel. The only currency that works is profit and you have to show it. So it is not only about the technical knowledge but also about the business acumen.

When you are a data analyst your job starts with data but it has to become a story. What everyone talks about is the story that you have to offer as an analyst. You look at the data with a lot of questions in mind. You get the answers to some and you get some more questions out of it. It is while facing these questions that your statistical brain has to kick in.

You have your tools aligned; you have all the tech on the table; but you need to know when and how to use it. The faster you can answer these questions the more value you add to your company’s data analysis efforts. At the end of the day, at least in most cases, it is about the customers. And you got to be careful about how you project the customer behaviour to the management – it makes all the difference.

The first important thing is understanding the business question in hand and then you need to decide what data you need to fetch. You got to know how to put your SQL queries to fetch the right set of data and in the analytics part SAS comes really handy.

You got to be prepared to be criticized and always keen to listen. It may happen and it shall happen that the room full of executives waiting for you presentation do not know the tech that you are using. For them the only thing that works is what makes sense. Your job is to make sure that whatever model you are presenting makes complete sense to the executives and it sounds profitable.

If you are looking to build a career in analytics, you cannot just ignore the initial preparations. Getting into an institute does not only optimize your training to the industry standards but also gives you the chance to be recognized. A big data certification or a SAS certification can add a great deal of value to your profile when you start looking for a job. Another advantage of a renowned institute is that it may introduce you to the market and the key people of the market. You need to show yourself to the world, you need to interact with the people of skill and of influence. Being part of an academy means being part of a community and this helps.

As the analytics market in India grows around the city of Bangalore, the job market is showing a lot of promise for the youngsters. The startups as well as the large and midsized companies are offering handsome salaries to their analysts. While it is all gay and sunshine you might want to keep in mind that you need to be on top your game to survive in this industry. The base is an absolute necessity to build your career so, do not compromise with it. SAS institutes in Bangalore can be a door way for you to enter the industry. It is the perfect time, push the door and g

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