Why Enrolling for an Online Big Data Course is an Ideal Career Move?

Big Data has had its fame as a buzzing topic for quite a while; now that buzz words like advanced analytics and Machine Learning have taken the ramp Big data has become more household. If you think I am trying to diminish the status of Big data, you are mistaken. The term big data had come into being to express the need as well as the problem of storing and processing humongous amounts of data. Solutions to this problem have been arriving quite rapidly and now big data means more – it has become an industry in itself. An industry that has its own different requirements and results – influencing every industry with its effects while staying segregated. Engineers are often heard saying that there is nothing called a niche or departmental job any more: no matter what your stream of interest or study has been, you may have to work in a project which does not have any relevance to what you have learnt and loved to do. Well, a big data online course can free you from this predicament.

Let us find some concrete facts that should help you determine why your next career move, if any, should be towards big data.

  1. No enterprise can ignore data:

If you are aware of the current scenario in the global world of business , you must know that all the companies, irrespective of their age and size, are counting on data analytics to expand their business and retain their consumers. There are simply so many companies offering the same products around the world that it has become really hard to be heard or seen. Even if you are thinking of launching an advertisement on the radio, you must make sure that it is heard by the right set of audiences. To ascertain that you need information. This information can come from any source and in any form. You cannot miss a single click made by your potential customer base or else you may miss the only chance of being heard.

Small enterprise cannot ignore big data because they need to make a mark and large companies have to retain their customers so they count upon data to customize their services to the consumers’desire. The gist of the whole is that big data experts are not going to lose currency any time soon.

  1. The skill gap is ever expanding

The number of internet users around the world is icreasing steadily and exponentially at some progressive regions. The number of connected smart phones is all set to reach the 10 billion mark by 2020. Companies that are counting on online marketing and transaction can hardly ignore any information at all but the amount of data generated on a regular basis terrifying. The data is nothing but endless digital junk unless you have the skills to analyze it. So, as enterprises identify more data sources they need more skilled big data experts to handle the data and draw insights out of it. In 2012, Gartner predicted a shortage of 100,000 data professionals in the USA by 2020 while a report by Mckinsey claimed that the USA will face a shortage of 190,000 data scienctists and more than a million analytics consultants. In 2014, Accenture reported that 90% of their clients are planning to hire analytics professionals while 40% of them found it hard to get hold of analytics talent. Companies around the globe are still faced with the same problem 3 years later. The skill gap has only gotten bigger with time as numerous startups have joined the talent war. At this point, even if you are engaged in a job or just completing your studies, enroling for a big data online course can change the course of your life towards a better future. It is the dream of every employee that his or her talents are considered as assets by their employer. Becoming a part of the big data work force can make it happen for you.

  1. Enterprises are vigorously investing on big data analytics

The global market for big data is growing relentlessly, that implies that companies are investing more and more on their analytics requirements. Big data experts around the world are claiming 20% – 30% bigger salary than IT professionals. Startups are investing a large percentage of their funds on building a strong analytics team or on analytics services. The skill gap, quite naturally, has had its toll on the salaries raising the bar considerably.

Companies that have not integrated analytics are losing 20-30% of their fortune. Since, this is no secret, numerous companies are joining the talent war. Thus opportunities in big data are ever increasing and waiting for you to grab them.

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  1. Thanks for the information 🙂

    I am impressed with your title: – Why Enrolling for an Online Big Data Course is an Ideal Career Move?

    I totally agree with your point “Big Data has had its fame as a buzzing topic for quite a while;” it’s right time to move your career in big data and one more thing I would love to say that you should do the course from the right institute.

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