Using Python Is a Satisfying Experience for Coders

The digital face of a business has grown very important in the modern scenario. Since the very beginning of the IT era coders are the backbone of any business that counts on its digital representation. Before we knew we were flung into a time when everything happens digitally. From booking the railway ticket to buying a medicine every form of transaction has a digital alternative and the millennial generation has a keen inclination towards those alternatives; before too long may be the alternatives will totally replace the contemporary mainstream. Well, the reason behind this almost philosophical introduction is very simple – it is this understanding of human propensity in different circumstances that plays a big role in the success of any endeavor that involves the mass.

Today’s businesses depend on their coders more than anything. And the coder craves nothing more than satisfaction. This satisfaction comes from the deserved wages, proper appreciation as well as from the results. It is coders that claim that Python is the most satisfying programming language available for data science.

Python is fun  

Using Python one can develop a lot of ground breaking stuff. It is meant for the serious business and has the firepower to take up projects involving critical matters like Natural Language Processing. But it was built with the focus on fun of coding and they maintain this tradition. Developers who have worked with Python for a considerable amount of time are totally engrossed by the easy going nature of the language. I am tempted to quote a statement from quora about the use of Python – “It’s hard to go wrong with Python if you follow the best practices”. Well, this was said in 2013 by a software engineer and holds true to this day. Talking about the best practices should lead us toward the consideration of some good practices.

Keep your eyes open

Python is an open source platform. It has a base of very active users. Developments happen fast and frequently. So, if you are working with Python, then the learning curve should never stop. You may be successful and satisfied with your set of libraries; but you keeping your eyes open for developments, keeps you in an advantageous position. A small instance can be given in this respect. The Python library called Robobrowser merges two most useful libraries namely Request and Beautiful Soup. It replaces a previous version called Mechanize. This is a great tool for website crawling. Now, this is a recent development and you need to stay alert to adopt these changes that can really help in your game.

Less difficult characters and fewer amounts of code infinite scope for development

Python code is easier to memorize – your initial days are made easy here. It takes less code for the same function than other popular programming languages – saves you some time there. It takes less time to debug a Python program – saves you more time. These features seem so convenient for the busy coder who works under the pressure of multiple stakeholders and hates to go home late and still works wonders for those who love to stay immersed in codes all the time. There is practically no stopping you if you want to take the language to a different height. It is allowed and people might just follow your example. Well, these are pretty farfetched ideas though not impossible in any respect. But in a very ordinary level too Python proves to be a savior.

India is waking up to Python’s importance

The Indian technological market is being swarmed by startups at this point. Data analytics and the integration of data science seem to be the only way for them to compete with the global giants that have identified India as an immensely potent market. Startups with low budgets and high ambitions find a brilliant solution for their analytics needs in Python. It is cheap, powerful, multifunctional, popular, easy and fun to use. What else can anyone ask from a programming language? The emerging startup scenario is creating opportunities for Python developers in India and abroad. The big names are of course there too. The Google Search engine uses a considerable amount of Python code, so do YouTube, Drop-box, and many more like them. Python courses are really finding currency in India. Python training in Delhi easily copes with the global requirements. A lot of training facilities are coming up to create a potent Python workforce.

We cannot claim that there is so big a job market for Python programmers as for SAS or R developers. The fact is it arrived late and among strong peers. The way Python has grown in popularity and how developers have grown fond of the language; a great future awaits Python developers.

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