A Complete Guide on Getting Started With Deep Learning in Data Analytics

Welcome to the 21st Century, a century of innovations, innumerable possibilities and increasing opportunities. The world has faced the growth of population over the decades and side by side the overwhelming number of job-seekers has also increased. In this article I’m going to discuss about Data Analytics. There is a golden opportunity to make a career out of it. The advent of data analytics changed the insight of every other human being. Though as a career option it’s not as prevailing as other mainstream jobs and it has not reached to the people living in rural background. But if we keep discussing it and keep spreading the usefulness of data and by analyzing it one can reach to the summit of a successful career and live a fashionable life. In order to do so we need to dive deep into the field of Data Analytics and highlight the accurate ways to do a meaningful analysis.

Data Analytics is a part of science which helps examining raw data with the purpose of extracting suitable conclusions about information. Nowadays data is everywhere, every second a new piece of information is coming up. In this advanced technological world getting information is not as hard as it used to be in the old days. Every major industry and company who wants to stay in the competition seek the help of Data Analytics. Without analytics a company is vulnerable. But it’s not sufficient to extract values from an analytics, it also requires sufficient staff, well-defined process, a clear strategy and leadership support .In order to become a data analyst one must have experience in programing skills, statistical skills, knowledge in mathematics, machine learning skills and data intuition. Like the pundits say, nothing comes easy without devotion and constant practice. At first one might think of it to be a very difficult one but if you give your heart to it, one may acquire huge pile of treasure, i.e. “knowledge”.

More effective analytics lets you do things you never thought about before. You can get timely insights to make decisions about fleeting opportunities, get precise answers to solve problems and uncover new paths to dwell. Data Analytics is used in industries like: a) Healthcare, b) Travel, c) Energy Management, d) Gaming etc.

  • Healthcare: According to sources the main challenge hospitals face is to treat as many patients as they can efficiently while keeping in mind the improvement of quality of care instrument and machine data is being used increasingly to track as well as optimize patient flow, treatment and equipment use in the hospitals.
  • Travel: Personalized travel recommendations can also be delivered by data analytics based on social media data. Travel sites can gain insights into the customer’s desires and preferences.
  • Gaming: Data Analytics helps the gaming companies to observe and gain insight into the dislikes, the relationships and the likes of the users.
  • Energy Management: Most firms are using data analytics for energy management, including smart-grid management, energy optimization, and energy distribution and building automation in utility companies.

The amount of digital data is growing rapidly. According to IBM, 2.5 billion gigabytes of data was generated every day in 2012. An article by Forbes states that data is growing faster than ever before. Modern data centers are rapidly moving toward software-defined infrastructure (SDI) as the next generation foundation for dynamic and agile IT operations. Today, businesses need technology investments in the data center to drive impactful outcomes: faster IT services, nimble response times, and flexible solutions that balance the desire for greater agility, automation, and efficiency with the need for no-domain control of strategic assets. IDC predicts that by 2020, organizations that analyze all relevant data and deliver actionable information will achieve extra $430 billion in productivity gains over their less analytically oriented peers.

Analytics gives you valuable insights into what is and what isn’t working. If your company doesn’t understand what mistakes it has made with its websites, campaigns, or mobile apps, it will keep on making the same error. Your business is driven by goals such as reducing customer churn, optimizing sales and marketing results or improving health outcomes. And this requires business leaders to make accurate decisions quickly. For this one must depend on reliable, timely data.

To enrich the above topic we can bring in some quotes made by famous personae. This famous French General Napoleon Bonaparte said that, “War is ninety percent information”. He didn’t even live in the information age and yet he attributed most of his military success to having right information. When you are battling for a competitive advantage in business, data analytics can be equally important to your success.

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