Choose the Right Type of Big Data and Hadoop Training Smartly

Have you decided for a career in data science? Did your know that it is a broad arena with many segmentations in terms of job roles. You can be an analyst, a developer or an admin. For each role, you will require a different kind of mindset, knowledge and skill set. So, if you are interested in a career in big data and Hadoop, you will need to start from scratch. The basic for any career choice remains same- you have to become a self learner and of-course, a fast learner too. The competition is fierce, resources are in abundance and time is a “winged-chariot”. Without much ado, in this post we will have an overview of three different data roles- an analyst, a developer and an admin. You will find unlimited courses online but here we will discuss the objectives and prerequisites for such roles.

Data Analyst

A Data analyst studies data closely, interprets it and provides insights that are impossible to know through naked eyes or for that matter by someone who has no idea about data. The main objective of a data analyst is to:

Study data, its patterns and trends, and give insights based on which a business strategizes its next action.


Many employers do ask for a degree pertaining to data science. However, here are few things that are mandatory before applying for a data analyst role:

An educational background in Information Technology, Statistics or related field

Skill sets required:

  • Analytical and mathematical skills
  • Understanding of Structure Query Language (SQL)
  • Comfortable with data warehousing and manipulation
  • Know about various database family
  • Comfortable with softwares like SAS or SigmaStat
  • Pro in Microsoft Excel
  • Knowledge about tools like PolySystems Asset Delphi

Data Developer

Data developers are also touted as database designers and programmers. They work with data analysts in gathering information that the organisation will require to store and utilise. The job role of a data developer includes-

  • Accessing the approach towards data design
  • Making an estimate for completion of a project and setting targets
  • Writing applications needed for the same
  • Run test scripts and technical documentation


  • An educational background in Computer Science or a software engineering
  • Analytical thinker
  • Good listener and pro in communications

It is also viable that a software engineer or a computer science student take up the role of a data administrator.

Data Admin or Data Administrator

Data administrator role is beyond that of an analyst or a data designer. A data admin person has the authority to control access to data, is responsible for security along with data loss prevention practices. It also includes various structural updates as well as upgrading softwares. The database performance is monitored by a data administrator.

The main objective of a data administrator is to be present in emergencies like software and hardware failures. Data admin person maintains multiple sites. It is based on the findings of a data admin that required changes and/or repairs are made.


  • Computer Science degree or Software Engineering

 Are you spoilt for Choice?

You might be confused exactly which role will boost your career prospects. Data science industry is growing faster than predicted and there will be no dearth of opportunities. However, soon there will be a dire need of data engineers to fill in all these new positions that are opening up.

It is important you have a clear understanding of which role you would want to pursue. Based on your choice you can decide on the right big data and Hadoop training. Here are few ways to decide on the right type of training

If you are not a computer science or IT or software engineer, you will have a tough time with any of the roles mentioned above.

If you are, then read on-

  1. Your SQL knowledge will determine whether analytics will work for you or not
  2. Your concentration level will be a pointer towards your decision of becoming a data developer or not
  3. Your analytical skills in general will decide whether you are fit for the role of a data admin or not

Though abstract to a great extend, a data developer needs high level of concentration. Without undivided attention, it is nearly impossible for someone to go ahead with data designing. Similarly, it has been mentioned almost everywhere that a data admin works for more than 40 hours in a week and during emergencies, the number of hours goes up. You have to be patient to understand the complexities of the problem and solve it.

You will be your best judge. If you still feel confused, it is always better to talk to someone who is already into one of these roles. We can help you too. We have host of readers and experienced big data people with us. You can post your question and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Till then, here are few resources with which you can kickstart your training-

There are many other data jobs like Data Architect, Data Change Agents, Data Visualisers, Data Stewards and more.

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