Soft Skills that the Most Successful Data Analysts Have

There are a lot of individuals gearing up to become a data analyst these days; no wonder though, since it is one of the most lucrative jobs of the century. But do you have it in you to be a successful data analyst?

Check if you possess these skills:

Strong communication: You might be an expert in communicating with the computer in coding language, but if you don’t know how to speak a social language with your external as well as internal clients (managers, peers, etc.), you’ll have a tough time climbing up the success ladder. If you really want to be the rockstar of the data analysis team, learn the ‘how’ aspect of data analysis: learn to talk to the business decision-making team and the client. Make yourself capable of translating client needs into instructions for analysis, and instructing the analyzed product to be aligned into the clients’ setup in the best manner possible.

When you are able to translate the IT jargon into simple English and vice versa, you have the power to bring harmony in the organization – an indispensable attribute for any setup.

Industry information: The successful in any field of activity is the one who keeps a tab on what is going around. Industry events, product launches, conferences and other participatory programs add a cluster of stars to your resume. More than that, you get opportunities to network with the top executives, which is one of the easiest ways to keep yourself aware of the current happenings in the industry and one of the most successful means to find better career opportunities for yourself, or possibly to be a part of a legend in making. The ability to evolve along with the market and innovate throughout your career is priceless.

Presentation: And last but not the least, is the art of presentation. The good part is, this art can be learnt. The work you produce is good, but when you add to it the clarity of thought, fluent articulation of data-based findings, and the punch of style, the analysis doesn’t just remain that … it becomes a work of art.

Hiring managers across the world are desperately looking for these skills in their data analysts and the reasons have been explained well above. Those who qualify don’t need to look for high salaries; the industry will scramble over to get a hold on them … no matter what the price tag.

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One thought on “Soft Skills that the Most Successful Data Analysts Have

  1. Wonderful post! What I could add is that the data analyst should also be able to communicate his own demands very clearly. If you are stuck, being able to formulate exactly what you require, is also a life-saver.

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