Business Analytics Courses in Delhi NCR Regions by AnalytixLabs

Being inhabitants of an increasingly digital era, that’s defined by abundance of information and ever growing complexities, a clever algorithm, is what needed to make sense of the ocean of data. Conversations that earlier used to evaporate, are now being digitized to be used to open a new world of opportunities. With the growing demand for analyzing Big Data, the demand for Business Analysts has also increased. AnalytixLabs introduces fresh and updated Business Analytics courses to train professions to meet this growing demand in Delhi NCR Regions.

AnalytixLabs, the pioneer in basic and advanced analytics training, provides industry oriented highly rewarding business analytics courses. The company, which is lead by a team of highly experienced IIM, IIT and Mc Kinsey alumni, has made its mark in the training industry with their range of comprehensive and industry-specific courses. In a session with the official spokesperson of the company, the company’s cutting edge training features and the scope of analytics were disclosed. Professionals trained from AnalytixLabs are placed in some of the most prestigious and well known industry leaders such as Accenture, Bank of America, American Express, Barclays, Facebook, HSBC, TATA Docomo, etc.

Talking about the scope of analytics, the official spokesperson was quoted saying, “Analytics is a term known to many but understood by few. The rise of Big Data has certainly brought analytics into prominence but its origin and use dates back decades ago. Through our training courses, our students will not only learn the skills and tools needed in analytics but also eventually understand why learning analytics can be a boon.

The potential of analytics is slowly but steadily being understood. With digitization, the huge volumes of information generated by organizations, begun being captured and stored leading to an information bank also referred to as Big Data. This Big Data now needed to be analyzed so as to gain vital information that could open up a world of newer insights and opportunities. Further to analyze these huge chunks of information organizations needed data scientists and analysts.

Talking about their courseware, the official spokesperson also added saying, “Our courses are designed to meet industry needs and we insure that our students are ready to be employed right away, when they walk out of our organization. Besides, our highly experienced faculty, hands-on sessions and placement wing ensure that our students get ROI on their investments.

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  1. hi I am commerce graduate (B.Com) and I am working with WNS Global Services since last 2 years in Mortgage industry, now I am looking for business analytics course. I want to know about the duration and fees for this course. and about the placement after the completion of the course.

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